If you are the kind of person who can find true beauty in natural lines...
Someone who admires the sea pebbles, observes their amazing, distinct ornaments and then, unable to resist the impulse, to take home heavy suitcases stuffed with stones, or at least a couple of them. Then our soft KATSU pillows and poufs will surely delight you, warm you up on a dreary day, and, also, will make your interior special and unique.

An infinite variety of designs, just like in nature!

You can create a soft seashore right at home by filling a large space with pillows.

Or you can just drop a couple of them on your couch, and your interior will be filled with summer memories that will keep you toasty with the warmth of natural wool.

100% WOOL

Pillows and stone-poufs by KATSU are handmade from natural hypoallergenic wool that preserves warmth.

Wool is a natural material, it «breathes» and does not absorb dirt and odors.

Pillows and poufs are seamless.

Soft and bouncy. Recover their original shape easily.

IMG_20200618_211740 а чб светл.png




Filled with Holofiber or polystyrene beads. Holofiber preserves the pillow's shape, while polystyrene makes large items lighter.

Different variations of shape, color, texture and streak patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone. 

Made to order.

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