Ideal for meeting space or playing space in styles:

  • Wellness
  • Eco
  • Zen


We offer you three options set:


A set of 7 stones:
- 5pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Stone Baby"
- 2pcs 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"


A set of 5 stones:
- 3pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Stone Baby"
- 1pc 70x55x30cm (27.5x21.6x11.8in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"
- 1pc 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"


A set of 3 stones:
- 2pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Stone Baby"
- 1pc 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"


are handmade from natural wool that preserves warmth. Seamless. Filled with Holofiber and foam mix. Soft and bouncy. Easily get back into the original shape.*


Streak patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone.


*Not intended to use in children's spaces with high traffic. In this case, look at our collection of Sewn stones.

Conference Set

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