"The winding path branches out in two.

Fresh wind came from the south.

A choice is made."

are handmade from natural wool that preserves the warmth. Seamless. Filled with Holofiber and foam mix. Soft and bouncy. Easily get back into the original shape.*
Streak patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone.

Perfect for
- Rest
- Modern interior
- Children's room

You can sprawl out on them, hug or even throw them around!

The color of the stone in the photo is 04 (Warm gray)

Size range: from 20 (7.8 inches) to 108 cm (42.5 inches).
Size table (length, width, height):
20x16x11cm (7.8x6.2x4.3in)
25x18x12cm (9.8x7x4.7in)
30x23x18cm (11.8x9x7in)
35x30x20cm (13.7x11.8x7.8in)
40x35x24cm (15.7x13.7x9.4in)
45x35x25cm (17.7x13.7x9.8in)
50x35x30cm (19.6x13.7x11.8in)
60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in)
70x55x30cm (27.5x21.6x11.8in)
80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in)
90x60x45cm (35.4x23.6x17.7in)
100x77x45cm (39.3x30.3x17.7in)
108х80х47cm (42.5x31.5x18.5in)

You can choose the dimensions of the cushions, as well as the color scale and the design.

*Not intended to use in children's spaces with high traffic. In this case, look at our collection of Sewn stones.

In the ancient Woodland.
In a deep silence.
Older than the forest,
the stone's lying

The patterns of this model are so saturated with silence and peace that we decided to name it “Still”. I feel like I met it before, somewhere in the damp and silent Karelian forests. You just flash by, while it has been lying there for almost infinity. Nothing matters but the fleeting moment of now.
That can't be described, or shown, or saved...


PriceFrom $44.00
Main color


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