The new line of sewed Katsu outdoor stones "Open Sky" is purposely designed for outside public spaces and garden areas. Any model of KATSU sewed "stones" can be made from outdoor fabric.


Outdoor ottomans, poufs and pillows are made of wear-resistant, water-resistant, resistant to sunlight and abrasion-resistant materials, that assure long-term use of our stones free of visual appearance compromising.


Katsu stones are perfectly suited for the following interior styles:

Loft, High-Tech, Minimalism, Eco and Nordic, besides they can be applied at various presentations as objets d'art.


Video about dimensions and ellasticity our stones


Katsu OUTDOOR stones are manufactured from outdoor furniture fabric - highly resistant to any weather influence, abrasion resistant, and it is almost waterproof

Also particular fabric can be selected by agreement with the customer. Zippered top jacket. Inner jacket is made of special breathable but waterproof fabric. The filling agent is holofiber with foam rubber.


Katsu stones are perfect for:

• Leisure

• Contemporary interior environment

• Garden or back yard area

• You may lay on them, hug them and even throw!



Size range: from 40 cm to 160 cm.


Operation instructions.

In fact, the water-resistance class of our stones can be attributed to IP64 (protection against dust and splashes).

In order for the stone to serve you as long as possible, please do not use it when it rains, let the surface dry first.

Also, the stones are not intended for use or storage in puddles or pools. Make sure the stone is not in the water before use


Product care instructions.

Jackets for Katsu stones are manufactured of outdoor furniture fabric of high mechanical stability. This up-to-date material is much more resistant to dirt than most of organic materials. But even if your Katsu stone got dirty, you can easily clean it with wet cloth, lint roller or cleaning brush. In case of more serious smear (for instance if your children played with paint) you may use soap or stain remover.


*The zipper on your stone is airtight and is not intended for self-opening, filling and emptying the stone.

Outdoor stones

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We usually deliver our stones to your door by DHL and EMS courier services. The customer is responsible for delivery costs. Other delivery and payment options are available, we are open to your requests.


3-7 days to most cities in the world



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